What is angiomas?

Angiomas are benign (good-natured) tumors of the skin derived from blood vessels usually occurring in adulthood, with certain types also occurring in children and pregnant women. Typically bright-red in color, they are not dangerous, though sometimes unsightly.

Why to treat angiomas?

Treatment is only required in cases where the patient asks for an esthetic improvement, or if the area is susceptible to bleeding.

Why angiomas occurs?

All known types of Angiomas, including Spider Angiomas and Cherry Angiomas, can occur anywhere on the body and are usually not harmful. But, when present in large numbers, they might point to a potentially serious condition such as liver disease, which then should be assessed by our dermatologist.

How to treat angiomas?

Angiomas can be treated by laser therapy or liquid nitrogen.
Sometimes they can recur after treatment so follow-ups are recommended.

What is hemangiomas?

In contrast to Angiomas, Hemangiomas usually appear at birth or in the early weeks thereafter.
They are usually benign (good-natured) vascular tumors deriving from blood vessels or lymphatic cells, and can grow rapidly before stopping and then reverting and often disappearing.

Why to treat hemangiomas?

To prevent instances of excessive bleeding and secondary infection, a child with hemangiomas should be seen by our German Board-certified dermatologist.