The idea of aging gracefully is a noble one

Like no other medical discipline, Dermatology uniquely blends both skin health and appearance and only a few medical developments have ever gained as much public and media attention as the many non-invasive and minimal-invasive advancements in the science of anti-aging.

Evolving from the traditional surgical solutions patients can now enjoy a wonderful array of non-surgical options for correcting the effects of time, environmental influences and – to some extent -even genetics.

How do you slow down the ageing process?

01 Anti-Aging treatments with ablative and non-ablative Laser resurfacing and rejuvenation technologies.

02More effective formulas for Facial Fillers and Botox which are remarkably effective, safe and long lasting.

03 A vastly improved understanding of the influence of nutrition and stress on the conditions of the skin and on overall health.

At GDDC, we find that modern anti-aging medicine always requires a multi-disciplinary approach with a certain evidence-based understanding of each specific patient as an unique individual.

We therefore encourage you to have a one-on-one cosmetic consultation with our German board-certified doctors to discover the best treatment options for you.