What are the causes of double chin and jowls?

Among the most frustrating signs of middle age in both men and women are sagging cheeks and pouches of fat in the lower face, that simply don’t budge to physical exercising and dietary plans.

Contrary to popular belief, Age and Genetics rather than Lifestyle and Weight, are the most influential factors. As a result, the youthful, chiseled chin and jaw lines disappear to leave an overall undefined, out of shape appearance.

How to get rid of double chin and jowls ?

Although difficult to correct through diet and exercising, these excesses can be highly effectively addressed by several dermatological and cosmetic procedures at the GDDC. Among non- and minimally invasive approaches laser, ultrasonic skin and fat freezing by cryolipolysis (Cooltech, CoolSculpting) tightening are the most dominant.

In the latest development, KYBELLA (deoxycholic acid) became the first FDA-approved injectable treatment to permanently reduce fat in the submental and neck area, with promising esthetic results. Schedule an appointment with our German Board- Certified Dermatologist Dr. Oana Patrica to know more about the treatment