What is facial fat loss/ volume deficits ?

Facial aging reflects the dynamic, cumulative effects of time on the skin and its adjacent tissues. The unwanted result of this is a characteristic loss of facial volume and sagging skin with excess fat in the jaw line and submental region, which can have negative effects on the aesthetic self-perception.

How to fix facial fat lose?

With the dramatic advances in cosmetic dermatology, recent years have seen a significant increase in the number of nonsurgical procedures performed for facial rejuvenation and 3-dimensional reconstruction of facial volume deficits.

As valid minimal-invasive alternatives to surgical procedures modern cosmetic dermatology exercised by specialized professionals can restore loss of facial volume, and enhance facial features to safely recreate a youthful appearance.

Immediately pleasing results and no recovery time are widely considered to be the main advantages over traditional surgical protocols.

The long-established best standard in minimal invasive restoration of facial fullness is the utilization of Facial Fillers (in certain cases together with Botox) like Restylane, Teosyal (Teoxane), Juvederm which are all FDA-approved and scientifically proven effective.

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