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Laser Hair Removal Doha | Laser Hair removal Treatment Doha




Laser Hair Removal (LHR) is among the most popular treatments in Doha, Qatar for people of all ethnicities and social backgrounds. And with the latest technological advances in Laser Hair Removal, the results keep getting better, discomfort is getting less and overall patient satisfaction reached high levels.

Since hair keeps growing throughout our whole life, traditional hair removal methods seem inefficient. Financial resources and valuable time gets wasted, whereas high-end laser hair removal machines, like our market-leading Gentle Max Pro (Candela), are known to reduce up to 90% of body hair with long lasting results.

For all that living in Qatar, who are looking for a trusted, reliable partner to achieve optimal results in Laser Hair Removal, the German Dental & Dermatology Center (GDDC) offers the best care in the heart of Doha.


Who is a good Candidate for Laser Hair Removal in Doha, Qatar?


Regardless from the color of your skin, anyone suffering from unwanted body hair is a good candidate, if the laser hair removal system works with multiple, interchangeable wave lengths. Our Lasers work with Alexandrite and Nd:Yag. These are the two most important wavelengths, since they cover dark and light skin types with ease.

It is important to note, that darker skin may need more sessions to achieve similar results as lighter skin tones.

Delicate skin areas, such as the bikini line, arms, underarms and legs, show the most efficient results due to the thinner skin in these areas.

White and grey hair do not resorb laser light, because if the lack of pigments and are therefore unaffected.

While "100% hair free" is not achievable, significant esthetic improvements made Laser Hair Removal one of the most sought after procedures in Doha (Qatar) and world-wide.


How does Laser Hair Removal work in Doha?


Laser Hair Removal is a leading, non-invasive method for semi-permanent hair reduction (up to 90%) in unwarranted areas. The laser energy can single out the pigment inside the hair bulk and gently destroy it which explains the long lasting effect as to traditional hair removal methods. To reduce pain to a minimum, we decided to work with Candela Gentlemax pro   exclusively because of their patented DCD cooling system. Where other systems work under constant superficial air blow on the area of treatment, DCD cooling works with very precise and perfectly timed cooling spray bursts, which reach much lower temperatures at the moment of laser energy application. The benefit is an unrivaled comfort, which made this system the worlds and Qatars market leading device. 


What to expect from a Laser Hair Removal Treatment?


Since hair grows in a cycle of various stages, and certain stages react stronger to laser energy than others, one session is never enough results, regardless which system is used. Another reason why why one session will not be enough, is that hair that did not reach the surface of the skin at the time of Laser Hair Removal, is not affected and can only be addressed in a later session. In consideration of these scientific facts, we usually recommend a minimum of three sessions to see lasting results.

After a Laser Hair Removal session, slight reddishness and minor, rather superficial swelling can be observed. This generally does not pose a serious risk and usually clears up within within in 1-2 days after treatment.

Again, it must be stressed that even our advanced system, will not leave you 100% hair-free, but long-lasting results with very significant hair reduction (up to 90%) Are realistic.


Does Laser Hair Removal Hurt?


If you know other people who underwent this procedure, you will most likely have heard about cases where it was quite uncomfortable. Many even describe a burning sensation during the treatment. To address this common problem, we decided to go for the most efficient cooling system for a broad-spectrum laser system that covers all skin types. The DCD spray-system, which is integrated in the laser handpiece, is the method of choice in this regards. It creates lower temperatures than the usual air-blow methods with external devices. Its cooling spray burst is also perfectly timed and precisely targeted at the small area of laser energy exposure.

The typical burning sensation is therefore reduced to an absolute minimum


Why is the German Dental & Dermatology Center the best clinic for laser hair removal in Doha, Qatar?


While we would rather leave the choice and valuation of the best clinic for laser hair removal to the patients, we pride ourselves for our good and trusted name in Doha. All our doctors are german-board certified and our laser professionals are among the most experienced in Qatar.

We provide our patients with our time and expertise and the very latest in technological equipment.

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