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Hollywood Laser Peel

Spectra Carbon Laser Peel is a revolutionary method aimed to rejuvenate skin in a minimally invasive and quick way and is sought after by many Hollywood Greats to get a red carpet ready facial glow whenever they need it. Unlike conventional chemical peels, it suits almost any patient, regardless of ethnicity or skin-type. The new Spectra XT’s unique laser-wavelength can also be used to address multiple pigmentation issues such as melasma, minimizing the risk of damage to the skin’s surface at the same time. Freckles and other pigmentation can be treated easily while minimizing the risk of inflammation.

To get the famed red carpet glow, the Spectra XT Carbon Laser is fully equipped to stimulate the re-modeling of collagen inside the skin. Also referred to as the ‘Hollywood Peel’ or ‘Carbon Laser Peel’, this helps to erase wrinkles, tone the face and reduce large pores effectively at the same time.

Carbon Laser Peel / Hollywood Peel


The Carbon Spectra Laser Peel is the first FDA-approved and most popular Carbon Laser Peel.

Also referred to as the Hollywood Peel (at 1064 nm), it takes 45 minutes or less. Due to the gentleness of the procedure, it can be performed every 2-3 weeks. In a first step, the skin will be covered with the typical black carbon face mask and the laser is passed over it several times. The soft laser energy can easily remove the solution together with dead skin and other impurities of the facial skin.

In this process, the skin is heated and the surface exfoliated, while deeper down pigments are broken up. The effects are immediately visible, which is why this method is sought-after by many people in the spotlight of society. The Carbon Laser Peel effect tantamounts to the equivalent of 4 chemical peels in one, removing up to 80 microns of dead skin cells from the epidermis leaving refreshed, rejuvenated and revitalized skin. The carbon peel instantly resurfaces and rejuvenates the skin creating a radiant, glowing complexion while stimulating collagen. The peel minimizes enlarged pores, inflammatory acne, fine lines, wrinkles and improves skin tone and texture. This Peel is so gentle that it can be performed every 2-3 weeks.

SPECTRA XT can be used for the following


Red Carpet ready glow with no downtime 

Safe treatment for pigmented lesions

Acne scars & Inflammatory acne treatment

Skin rejuvenation treatments

Enlarged pores treatments

Laser Tattoo Removal (All colors of ink)



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