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Introducing the Opalescense Teeth Whitening Method

How Opalescence Teeth Whitening Became the Gold Standard in Teeth Whitening

Practitioners see the secret in the viscosity of the Opalescence whitening gel. The inventor and researcher Dr. Fischer, who was actually pushed to come up with a great whitening system by his teenage daughter, knew it needed to have a sticky, viscous composition for the gel to stay in place and provide sustained peroxide release for the best possible whitening results. Opalescence whitening gel’s high viscosity keeps the gel in place, allowing the peroxide to enter your tooth enamel and effectively whiten it from within.

In this process, the oxygen molecules released by the whitening gel spread throughout the tooth and react with all of the discolored molecules within your teeth, which leaves the entire tooth whitened. This safe and effective whitening philosophy is what made Opalescence the global leader in teeth whitening gaining brighter smiles and trust by dentists and patients all over the world.


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