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Will Laser Hair Removal Hurt?

Laser Hair Removal | Doha Qatar 

This is probably the most frequently asked questions, since nearly everyone intertested in Laser Hair Removal gets conflicting reports from either friends or internet. And this leads to widespread confusion, bacuase answers to thisvery important question can range from "nearly painless" to "almost unbearble". Understandbly, this is not always reassuring for first-timers and demands further clarification in order to give you realistic expectation. It goes without saying that most people have a particularly high or low pain tolerance makes which it even harder to assess what comfort can be expected at your very first laser hair removal session.

patients with darker skin tone will be slightly more uncomfortable than lighter skinned peers. But apart from pain tolerance, and skin tone, there are other important factors that can influence your Laser hair removal experice in either a negative or positive way. And unlike pain tolerance or the color of your skin, they can be influenced by your decisions. This is what we want to highlight in the following.

1) Laser Hair Removal Supervised by a board -certified deramtology only


Do not underestimate the complexity of a high-tech sysstem. Only a board -certified deramatologist really knows which parameter in terms of laser energy will best suite your skin. This
helps to reach optimum results with about 80% long term hair removal after 3 sessions. More importantly though, the risk of unwanted incidents like burns will be sharply reduced. Medical-grade numbing gels are another benefit choosing a deramatology department overa non-professional alternative. These numbing cremes and gels can effectively reduce dicomfort for many of the more sensitive areas of the body, such as the lip area or the bikini line. While cosmetic studios can assist you in many ways,we can't recommend undergoing a laser hair removal in cosmetic studios for the sake of safety and effectiveness.


2. The best laser hair removal is the one with the best cooling system


Providing the highest possible comfort for our patients will always be our priority. It was decided to go with the best cooling system and the leading laser hair removal system in the market. Both features are perfectly combined in the Gentlemax pro from Candela with its ground-breaking, patented spray- based cooling system( DCD for "Dynamic cooling Device," which is not just precise and not precise than just more precise than conventional air -blowing method -it reduces the burning sensation to an absolute minimum it reaches very much very very lower tempratures in the are.

We hope to have been of assistance in your undersatnding of pain associated with Laser Hair Removal. Be assured, that we apply the best practice and method to keep discomfort down to very low level.

Our German Board certified doctor can help you assess your customized laser hair removal plan.if you are intersted in laser hair removal or in case of any further questions about laser hair removal, please get in touch with us.



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