Skin Care with SkinCeuticals

All of our Skin Care Products have been carefully chosen to comply with our philosophy of using only the very best and most effective dermatologist-developed skin care products for our valued patients. My choices are all characterized by clinically-proven high performance ingredients with natural, biocompatible and hypoallergenic properties.

Dr. med. Oana Petrica

(German-Board-Certified Dermatologist)

After years of analyzing the advanced skincare market, I decided to work with a carefully selected product pipeline of the leading American anti-aging specialist SkinCeuticalsTM, which is the most respected and utilized skincare product line among leading dermatologists around the globe.

Most importantly though – the scientific evidence for the effectiveness of SkinCeuticalsTM products from researches through controlled clinical trials is strong and there are currently more than 25 studies that support this – this is unique even in the field of advanced skincare products. In my opinion, professional skincare is too important to go with low-concentrated, less tested products, since our patients at the GDDC deserve only the very best.

Of course, certain indications require other specific products well studied and chosen in accordance with our high-quality standards.
Any recommendation and utilization of skincare products will be determined after examined your skin characteristics.
This is my promise to you – personalized skincare backed by science!

Dr. med. Susanne Kottysch

(German-Board-Certified Dermatologist)