you might have done your homework about Invisalign but these 18 tips will help you to go about the treatment with confidence. Invisalign is an orthodontic treatment that straightens teeth without metal braces. Invisalign trays are an invisible, transparent, and plastic form of braces. In this article, I am trying to give you few tips that will improve your perception of Invisalign.

Speech Impediments:

wearing Invisalign may not cause speech impediments, however, people who wore Invisalign experienced a slight lisp but as they spoke more, they tend to become more comfortable with the speech with tray.

you may experience pain:
Some patients experienced mild pain along with Invisalign treatment whereas others had severe pain. in case of severe pain, you should immediately report it to your orthodontist. she/he cover the sharp edges with the wax. by reporting to an orthodontist early, you will save yourself from a lot of pain.

How long do I need to wear the Invisalign braces:

The duration of the treatment is dependent on the severity of the cases, severely crooked and complicated teeth require more time compared to mild cases. according to Invisalign, the average duration for straightening teeth is 12 months. however, you may notice the improvement from 3-4 months. Dr. Hana from the German Dental clinic (Invisalign Platinum elite provider) says the treatment prolongs because the patient doesn’t wear the aligner 22 hours a day. the more time you wear the aligner better the results are. says, Dr.Hana. in some instances where the patient hasn’t worn the Invisalign as prescribed, cause the teeth to shift back to their original position.

Cost of Invisalign:

Generally, two factors that influence the cost of Invisalign, complexity, and location, are the two major factors that impact the cost of your treatment. the complex cases require more aligners and dental consultation, different location has different price, depending on the area of your living cost of the treatment can differ. apart from location and complexity factors such as the experience of an Orthodontist, retainers you require also plays important role in deciding the cost of treatment.

Check if the treatment is right for you:

Invisalign is best designed for treating mild teeth alignment issues. the complex issues are best treated with braces.
Here are the following issues that Invisalign can fix given they are not severe.
1) Overcrowding
2) Gapped teeth
3) Underbite
4) Crossbite
5) Overbite

The Invisalign Diet:
Eating with Invisalign causes discolouration of the aligners that make your aligners visible on your mouth. Experts advise taking off the aligner while eating. Eating with Invisalign not only discolour the aligners but also destroy them as Invisalign trays are not designed to take the pressure exerted on them while eating. one may consider taking off the aligner while eating and drinking (except water) for the effective usage of aligners.

After Invisalign treatment:

you are supposed to wear the retainers after Invisalign treatment. which helps to prevent teeth from shifting back to their original position. “wear your retainers round the clock for the first 6 months then, night-time forever.

How do I choose Invisalign provider:
Invisalign provides designation to its providers based on the number of patients treated with Invisalign. The five Invisalisation providers are General, Premier, Preferred, Elite,

what is the best age for Invisalign:

Invisalign treatment is available to different age groups, these age groups include young children, teenagers, and adults of all ages.
Invisalign for young children: while young children can start the orthodontic treatment from the age of 6-10, known as phase 1 and the phase 1 treatment can effectively prevent a pre-existing bite problem from worsening.
Invisalign for teens: Invisalign treatment is highly effective in teenagers because their teeth are not affixed in position as an elderly person. however, to get the best effective results in a short period, the patient needs to wear the aligner for 20 hours at least, preferably 22 hours.
Invisalign for adults: the success of Invisalign treatment is depended on the bone density of the patient, so many people had experienced life-changing results, thanks to Invisalign. your orthodontist can tell you the success rate of Invisalign treatment in your case.
Teeth whitening for Invisalign patients:

As an orthodontist, many patients ask me “when shall we do teeth whitening” I always recommend patients do teeth whitening after they remove braces. always consult your orthodontist before teeth whitening says, Dr Hana.

cleaning of your Invisalign: cleaning your Invisalign is very important, uncleaned Invisalign not only makes a bad odour it also makes the treatment ineffective. following are the basic cleaning process:
make sure you rinse your aligner before you sleep
ensure the retainers are stored in protective case whenever it is not in use
brush your aligner every day before you go to bed and even when you wake up.