What are the main causes of wrinkles?

The development of facial wrinkles is one of the most classic signs of aging and photodamage. Though not completely understood, the “misrepair-accumulation aging theory” suggests, they develop from an incorrect auto-repair mechanism where injured elastic and collagen fibers are being replaced by “long” collagen fibers which are known to cause folds and wrinkles. Besides sun exposure there are other factors that can promote wrinkles, such as smoking, light and thin skin type, heredity, stress, and sleeping disorders.

What really works to reduce wrinkles?

The best prevention of wrinkles is therefore minimal sun exposure, quitting smoking, and working towards a more healthy lifestyle altogether.

Fortunately, most wrinkles respond well to dermatological methods. GDDC has an entire staff working to the best standards of today’s anti-aging medicine.

The following cosmetic procedures can significantly improve wrinkles:

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